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  • SINCE 1965

    V-J Electronic Assemblies has been supporting the electronic industry with a well equipped facility, including state of the art equipment, and the practical knowledge to help our customers pull it all together.


    Our goal is to give you the best possible service at all times, from design, to delivery of the finished job. , You can count on us to meet our commitments. We can provide 24 hours to 3-week delivery for prototype and pre-production quantities. Production deliveries are from three to six weeks depending on the quantity and complexity. We work from your Gerber Data files. We offer complete CAD/CAM design services from design engineers with many years' experience in designing all types of circuit boards.


    Our engineering / Planning personnel thoroughly review all of your artwork, prints and specifications. All questions are discussed and resolved with you before starting production. Each step of the process is thoroughly inspected several times before advancing to the next procedure. All jobs are 100% tested by our Quality control Department.


    We have equipment and resources to manufacture today's high-tech boards from material such as FR-4, BT, FR-5 and polymide. We manufacture single and double side, BGA, SMT and multilayer boards using the latest technology. We can supply all gold body and selective gold plated boards.


    We would appreciate the opportunity to show you how competitive we can be, while maintaining our quality and service. We would like to develop a relationship with you where we can satisfy all your printed circuit board, SMT, or Thru-Hole, cables, harnesses, enclosures, electro-mechanical. conformal coating, Prototyping, printed circuit board repair and modifications requirements. We welcome both kitted, (consignment), and turnkey services. Because of our background in electronics assembly, we have been supporting the commercial electronics fields for almost 40 years. We have completed integrated manufacturing, engineering, quality assurance and marketing departments that will help you every step of the way with state-of-the-art techniques, suggestions, and turn around time that is second to none. At V-J Electronic Assemblies, we used the latest equipment to insure that you have the options for breakthrough technologies that can handle your job. This is why V-J is one of the Printed Circui Board Asssemblers that can do fine pitch assembly. We constantly look for the latest and most advanced equipment on the market.


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