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  • GUS Products is the #1 trusted electronic contract manufacturer for discerning clients since 1965
  • GUS Products has been a leading manufacturer specializing in Printed circuit board assembly, Cable harness assembly, and Electro-Mechanical assemblies for OEM’s who demand the best in quality and reliability
  • GUS Products is equipped to serve the full range of complex, high-level prototype and large-scale production runs with over 100 satisfied customers across various markets such as oil & gas, automotive and the medical industry

Product Range

PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

GUS Products offers a wide range of PCB manufacturing and assembly services.

  • – SMT/Thru-Hole
  • – Single/Double Sided
  • – Multi-Layered
  • – High-Temp Soldering
  • – RoHS Compliant
  • – Conformal Coating

Cable & Wire Harness

At V-J Electronic Assemblies, we offer fully tested cable and harness assemblies manufactured to customer specifications

  • – Fully Automated Cut/Strip Equipment
  • – Pneumatic Assembly
  • – Hot Stamping
  • – Testing and Calibration to Customer Specifications

Cable and Wire Harness
Pcb Manufacturing And Assembly


V-J Electronic Assemblies’ engineers are experienced in integrating complex high-level electro-mechanical builds. Our staff integrates systems that simplify the complete supply chain process

  • – Custom Enclosures
  • – Control Panel and Wiring Projects
  • – Complete Inventory Management
  • – 100% QC Inspection

Markets We Cater To

Oil & Gas
Avionics and

Quality Is Never By Accident

GUS Products demonstrates its
commitment to quality
and safety through
certifications that matter

Top 3 Reasons To Begin Electronic Assembly Manufacturing With V-J


Quality to match your product standards

  • State of the art equipment for precision and speed
  • 100% test assurance so you have zero returns
  • Experienced & Expert staff who understand quality standards thoroughly


Reliable delivery with supply chain visibility

  • Robust ISO processes and trained staff
  • 3 SMT machine lines to deliver @ scale
  • Oracle ERP for supply chain transparency


Value based pricing and assured service

  • Strong vendor relationships so you get the best price without compromising on quality
  • Assured production support on every build

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of PCB Assemblies do you offer?

V-J Electronic Assemblies offers a variety of PCB assembly services.  Both SMT and Thru-hole technologies along with the capability to place components as small as 0201.

Do you offer Cable Assembly and Harness Assemblies at your ISO Manufacturing plants?

V-J Electronic Assemblies manufactures all types of cable and harness assemblies according to customer drawings and layouts.  We build these in accordance to very strict Quality Control and Safety guidelines followed by the DOT and OSHA.

Do you have the capability to place BGA and fine pitch components?

V-J Electronic Assemblies has the capability to place BGA and fine pitch components. We also have the equipments to QC these components after placement on the PCB using an X-Ray machine. It will ensure that all connections have the proper amount of solder and there are no abnormal anomalies. This leads to high reliability & customer satisfaction.

What is your current Quality Program you have in place at V-J Electronic Assemblies?

We continually improve our Quality Management Program, we are ISO 9001:2015 DAS Certified. We are also ITAR compliant since 2016

Do you Offer Electro Mechanical Assemblies?

We offer both turnkey and labor only solutions for our OEM customers.  We specialize in Gas Analyzers, Proximeter Sensors, AC and DC Modules for the Oil and Gas refineries, Land and Offshore drilling rigs. Our OEMs depend on V-J Electronic Assemblies to deliver Quality products that help keep our environment safe, and our  Oil Refineries and drilling rigs up and running 24/7.

Are you a DBE, or Minority owned Business?

Yes, we are a DBE certified with the City of Houston.  We are also a minority-owned small business with just under 50 employees.

Are you capable of building IPC CLASS III?


Do you have conformal coat capability?

Yes, we have in-house capability for conformal coating. Conformal coating will protect electronic components when exposed to extreme conditions.

Do you have MES Software that provides real-time SPC information?

We use an ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) that provides real-time analysis & tracking across multiple functions.

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