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Oil and Gas

With advancements in technology, the oil and gas industry has been motivated to produce more product to meet the constant growing global demand. V-J Electronic Assemblies has extensive knowledge working with customers that support land and offshore oil and natural gas rigs. V-J supports our nation’s oil refineries with gas analyzers that detect various type of gases better known as Chromatography Systems. We also support OEMs that build product that work at the well head, such as proximeter sensors for high RPM motor applications. V-J Electronic Assemblies builds both AC and DC Modules for critical systems that require stand by power on the Rig 24/7. OEMs that demand quality and products that are fully tested depend on V-J Electronic Assemblies to deliver products on time every time.

Surface Transportation

V-J Electronic Assemblies offers a wide variety of products that are used in railcar movers for the railroad industry, ambulances and heavy trucks. V-J has experience dealing with complex grid drawings to simple cable harness assemblies. Delivering high-performance, sustainable products used in hostile environments is what we strive to achieve for our customers.

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Pcb Assembly Manufacturer


Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) have seen a lot of developments over the time. They are being used increasingly in a number of applications across a wide range of industries. LEDs have become very
popular and are fast replacing the conventional light bulbs. The best thing about LEDs are that they deliver highly efficient output at a very low power consumption.

With the growing need in the LED lighting industry, V-J Electronic Assemblies has enhanced its capabilities to provide customers with high-quality electronic assembly manufacturing services for LED lighting applications. V-J offers state of the art technology such as the MyData SMT line, that has the ability to populate large PCBs. Having worked with LEDs both square and domed and offering sorting for a uniform lit fixture, V-J has extensive manufacturing experience in the emerging LED industry.

The efficiency gained in LED technology cannot be ignored and will continue to propel lower cost, longer life, and endless creativity.


V-J Electronic Assemblies realizes the importance of creating devices that help companies reduce their environmental footprint, improve quality, and enhance performance. V-J provides PCB manufacturing and assembly services which support various applications in the renewable and solar industry that will meet your solar energy requirements.

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Printed Circuit Board Assembly


V-J Electronic Assemblies has been servicing the medical industry for more than 50 years while consistently ensuring that every product meets the highest quality standards for the medical community. That includes a variety of requirements around specialty materials, clean standards and a host of devices to support.

Avionics & Electronic Instruments

V-J manufactures telemetry data acquisition for flight control operations at small municipal airports. We also build systems that are very humidity sensitive and tested accordingly for charging systems that hook up to aircrafts while they are on the tarmac. Reliability, performance, and quality are key factors we incorporate into each assembly.

Printed Circuit Assembly

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