PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

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PCB Is At The Heart Of Your Product

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Pcb Manufacturing And Assembly

Types of PCBs Manufactured


Single and Double Sided






Rigid Flex


Metal Clad

Electronic Assembly Services Houston

V-J has the capability to produce surface mount and thru-hole PCBs that custom fit your needs

Infusing Quality At Every Stage Of The PCB Assembly Process

What 5 decades of succeeding in business has taught us is one simple thing: Keep your customers happy and you will be their choice forever. A satisfied customer’s foremost need is quality. So we ‘hard coded’ quality into every stage of the 5 stage process:


Electronic Assembly Services Houston
Components are procured directly from the manufacturers or franchised distributors. V-J does not deviate from customer BOM’s.


Electronic Assembly Services Houston
V-J uses state of the art equipment for surface mount part placement using 1 of 3 SMT lines.

The MyData SMT line has the capability to place components as small as 0201 and can accommodate PCB sizes up to 36×24 inches.


Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturers
Our Technical Devices/NuClean Clean Galaxy Plus Board Washer removes contaminants such as solder paste and flux.


Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturers
V-J uses automated equipment such as our AOI and Flying Probes to inspect all locations on every PCB. Once passed, all PCB’s are then subject to further evaluation to customer specifications.


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When PCB process is completed, boards are transferred to our shipping dock. V-J
uses all standard ESD packaging materials to ensure product reliability.

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