Cable Assembly & Wire Harness

Cable Assembly & Wire Harness

Pcb Manufacturing
V-J Electronics has the ability to handle the manufacturing of simple cable assemblies to complex harnesses.
Cable Assembly

High Reliability

V-J utilizes semi-automated crimping machines and continuity testing systems to ensure that every cable and harness assembly created meets the highest standards of workmanship, quality, and reliability.

No matter how complex your designs, or what quantities you require, V-J has the capacity to be your custom wire harness manufacturer of choice for your custom wire harness and cable assemblies.

Contract Manufacturing Pcb Assembly

Quality & Performance Testing

V-J follows IPC-A-610C standards throughout all cable assembly and Wire Harness manufacturing processes. We are ISO 9001:2015 compliant in all our processes and
procedures. We maintain green manufacturing processes by recycling all waste and scrap.
Contract Manufacturing Pcb Assembly

Services Offered

You can utilize the following cable and wire harness assembly manufacturing services provided

Pull Testing Hot stamping for wire identification
Fully automated Eubanks wire cutter and stripper for high volume applications Custom tooling for high-temperature specifications

Why Choose V-J Assemblies?

Decades of experience in cable & wire harness solutions
NPI to full scale production with competitive cost advantages
Industry specific quality systems and regulatory certifications
Strong supply chain partnership


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