What is Wire Harness Assembly, and how it can boost your production capabilities

The wire harness assembly is a key catalyst in manufacturing and delivering a wide variety of products. From simple home appliances to complex military equipment, wire harnesses are used to pass electricity and signals from one point to the other. They ensure the maximum performance of the equipment while providing the economy of physical space. In a nutshell, a wire harness assembly is the binding process of wires, terminations, and connectors within insulated materials. It keeps the components organized and provides a layer of protection in case of harsh conditions, abrasions or friction.

Wire harness assemblies are often confused with cable harness assembly. These two are different because the latter has only two endpoints whereas the former can have multiple endpoints that run in different directions.

Steps in the wire harness manufacturing process

Every product has its own unique design. Similarity, wire harness Manufacturers require custom designs. Design is based on the wire harnesses are used for, and the type of materials they are exposed to during integration.
Wire harness prototyping helps in testing the computability of the harness with the equipment. By showcasing first-hand how the product works in real-time, prototyping leads to efficient performance.
Wire Cutting

The wires must be cut to the right length and breadth using a cutting machine. It helps in fitting the wires as per the exact space requirements so that they can coexist with other electrical components for both wire and cable harness assembly.
Wire Stripping

The next step is to expose the wire cores by stripping the ends. Only after this can the terminals or modules be connected.
Soldering is used to seal the wire ends, after which they are integrated and routed – using an assembly board. The wire harness assembly is the last stage where the design specifications are met.
Electricity safety testing must be carried out for each individual wire harness for all relevant specifications. Some of the procedures include resistance testing, continuity testing, and hipot testing.

Benefits of wire harness assembly

Easy installation

In many cases, a lot of wiring is to be integrated within different components for the product to be manufactured. Using a wire harness, they can be bundled or grouped, which saves precious time during the assembly stage. It can also be customized to ensure optimum installation time for your product lines.

Cost efficiency 

Wire harness assemblies boost your production capabilities to undertake costly repairs. Your technicians can easily dismantle the wires and fix the issue before seamlessly putting it back together. You can also cut down operational costs by using preassembled wire harnessing. 

Stronger security measures

Since multiple wires are integrated within a single harness, individual components get safeguarded against dust, intense heat, friction, and other external factors. The assembled structure keeps the wires in place, which insulates them from being affected by moisture. Wire harness assembly also reduces the threat of electrical fires.

Room for customization  

Wire harness assemblies involve flexible molds that can be customized so that you can handpick the features that best suit your product needs. For instance, various routers and clips are available for any extent of durability you may require.

Partnering for operational excellence 

Even in production houses that are equipped to adopt the latest technology advancements, it is near impossible to automate the entire wire harness assembly stage. There are several non-automated steps such as installing wires in specific lengths, running them through conduits and crimping more than one wire at a time. These intricate steps are still carried out either manually or with semi-automatic machinery. Hence, wire harness assembly can be a time-consuming process for some of your larger projects. 

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